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PMS brownies

So I have been missing chocolate a lot. I decided to try carob, and because I'm PMSing, I thought these AIP PMS Brownies from Grazed and Enthused were appropriate.

I had so much trouble making them. I've never worked with gelatin before, and I definitely did not do it right the first time. It just clumped together and didn't dissolve. They didn't have the high quality kind that people always recommend, so I had to use the cheapie ghetto ones. The smell was horrible. I know what gelatin is, so the smell should not have surprised me, but gross. I can't wait to be off the AIP so I can actually eat eggs again.

The other issue I had was that I don't have a blender. The closest thing I have is the NutriBullet, which only works with a fair amount of liquid. I dumped some extra water in the batter to make the NutriBullet actually work, and once it had more liquid, it worked really well.

Another issue I had was with the coconut butter, which I have never used before. Truthfully, I was just being impatient softening the butter.

Anyway the point is, they had to cook a long time because of the extra water I added. The flavor was just OK. I don't think I will make them again. Or maybe I'll try them again when I have the proper equipment and more experience baking for AIP/Paleo.

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