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kalua pork

The Crock Pot I bought in May is doing great. I sometimes have it running for days on end, and it handles the work like a champ. I usually use the 6 quart, but I have used the 4 quart on occasion. It is helpful for cooking side dishes, like beans. I still have not used the split pot, but that's okay.

Today I'm making really easy slow cooker Kalua pork. All I do is line the bottom of the crock pot with some bacon (3-5 slices depending on how much I have), cut slits in a 5lb pork butt and stick peeled whole garlic into the slits. Then I throw the pork butt in the crock and salt it up with Hawaiian salt (or Kosher if I'm out of the Hawaiian variety). The original recipe says to cook it on low for 16 hours, but I usually cook it on high for 6-8 hours. And this time I left the fat on so the top of the pork (that ends up above the liquid) wouldn't dry out.

This always comes out amazing. It is a great recipe for a crowd or when you want leftovers for lunch or dinner. I haven't made it in a while, so I thought I would since it's so simple.


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