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a blessing in disguise
professor chaos
When I first started having acid reflux, I was very frustrated and upset. I only had a theory as to the cause, which was based on nothing but circumstantial evidence and a hunch. After a long process, a lot of trial and error, some major diet changes, and the unexpected added benefit of weight loss, I have come to a conclusion.

Though the GERD is a serious problem, it has actually been a blessing in disguise because it basically forced me to accomplish a goal I'd been quite readily procrastinating. I had been trying to cut down my sugar intake for months with some success, but not great success. I had a lot of reasons for wanting to decrease my sugar consumption - the forefront of which was my pre-disposition to diabetes.

My dad was diagnosed with diabetes years ago, and I have always been afraid of meeting the same fate. (I know that old saying about a man meeting his fate on the road to avoid it, but I don't think they were talking about health problems.) So now that I'm getting older, I realized that I really need to get myself in gear and take care of my body. It certainly takes care of me.

Because of the GERD, I was forced to give up chocolate, which turned out to be the main source of sugar in my life. I do prefer dark chocolate, but I would often have a hot chocolate or one (or more) of any number of chocolate baked goods and other sweet treats. I would eat sugary, chocolatey treats throughout the day, not just once, and often more than one per sitting. But I discovered that I would often choose not to have dessert at all if chocolate couldn't be involved.

So the diet changes I made had inadvertantly decreased my sugar intake, which unexpectedly cause me to lose some weight. Both good things. Now when I do have sweets, I don't eat as much of it and don't need it as sweet. For example, I can finally have just one cookie. I'm also not drinking soda or other sugary drinks as much. It's been a great changed in my life.


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